Survivor Pool

Join our new Survival Hockey Pool. Create your team for free and join in the fun. Pick right and get to play another week.

The Baden Community Association has launched a free NHL Survival Pool. A "Survivor Pool" is where participants predict the loser of one game on that week's schedule. The objective is to be the last participant with at least one life remaining.

After registering your team on the link below you will be sent a list of games that are held on the Saturday of each week - you select the team that you think will lose.  Every week a new list will be sent to you for that week’s Saturday games, the team that you selected on a previous week will not be allowed to be picked. If you make two wrong picks, then you are eliminated from the pool.  

There will be great prizes at the end of the pool. It will be a great way to challenge your friends and test your hockey knowledge! The first Saturday game will be held on Saturday October 15th.  Good luck!

Join here

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