Baden Community Association

The BCA is a group of citizens who take a hands-on approach to enhancing life in Baden. Since 2012, our successes have included flowers on Livingston Boulevard, free activities on Family Day, and Foundry Street Parkette including rehabilitating the bridge. We also help other groups such as the Baden Library summer reading program.

Our mission is to make Baden an awesome place to live - and an unforgettable town to visit!

Survival Pool

Join our new Survival Hockey Pool. Create your team for free and join in the fun. Pick right and get to play another week.


The BCA meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the basement of the township offices at Castle Kilbride. Everyone is welcome to come participate in making Baden a better place to live.


As a non-profit group, all of the money we raise goes straight back into the community and the projects we fund. We are always looking for participants and volunteers.


The BCA maintains several projects in and around Baden. From garden and park maintenance to road cleanups, we do whatever we can to improve this amazing community we live in.


We fundraise to make Baden a better place to live and visit.


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